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NOTE: This is a free service offered only to Filipinos living in Japan whose area of domicile falls under the jurisdiction of the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo, seeking to apply a passport for the first time (i.e. babies born in Japan), or intending to renew a regular passport with no discrepancies.


This software system ("online application & appointment") is provided as is without any guarantees. All data and information submitted through this system use the internet, and as such, will be subject to risks and affected by conditions inherent in an open, public network, with no absolute assurances with reference to data integrity and privacy from the host computer to the receiving server.

Please read the instructions carefully to ensure successful submission of your online application.


  1. A working computer with internet access.
  2. A Web Browser with Javascript enabled (Internet Explorer ver.6 or higher / Mozilla Firefox ver.3.5 recommended)
  3. A valid and working email address to receive system-generated messages with file attachments.
  4. A working printer attached to your computer with A4-sized paper to print the application form.


Phase 1: Data Gathering

    STEP 1: Fill-up the online form by supplying the necessary information in the appropriate fields.
                  Answers must use English characters only (Romaji).

    STEP 2: Press the [Submit] button at the end of the form to submit the online application form. The system will display a message to inform you if the submission was successful.

Phase 2: Choosing a Schedule

    STEP 3: Check the email address you provided in the application form for a new mail sent by the online appointment system, and read the entire email.

    Note: Depending on your email provider/personal email settings, the system-generated email may be incorrectly marked as spam and delivered to your Spam/Junk folder so you need to check these folders as well.

    STEP 4: Click on the confirmation link provided in the system-generated email. The system will then show you the earliest available date with vacant slots for appointment.

    STEP 5: If you are available on the date shown, click 'YES' to confirm your appointment schedule; otherwise, click 'NO' or close the window and try again later starting from STEP 4. If you confirmed 'YES', you may proceed to the next step.

    STEP 6: Check the email address you provided for a new mail and follow the instructions therein. Print the application form attached in the email and prepare all the other required documents for your personal appearance on the date you confirmed.

Phase 3: Personal Appearance and Biometric Data Capture

    STEP 7: Proceed to the Consular Section of the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo on your confirmed appointment date and time, bringing with you the necessary documents for passport processing and your self-addressed LetterPack 500 envelope. Map and directions to the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo can be found [ here ].


      1. There is no need to submit a passport photo as your photo will be captured live, along with your digital signature and fingerprints when you are called in the processing room.
      2. If you failed to appear on your scheduled date of personal appearance, you will have to start from STEP 1 to file a NEW application and get a new appointment.

Phase 4: Passport Release

    All passports are produced and printed only in Manila. The approximate turn-over time from date of payment to arrival of passport is about 2 months (60 days).

    The Passport Unit of the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo will send you your new passport via postal mail using your self-addressed LetterPack 500 envelope as soon as your passport arrives from Manila.


The Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Tokyo, Japan will not be responsible for any online passport application which may be rejected by the system due to errors/misconfiguration/incompatibility of software and hardware of the computer used by the applicant for the online transaction, for any technical issues, settings, configurations, glitches, or connection downtime caused by the applicant's internet service provider or our own internet service provider, nor for any typographical mistakes, procedural errors committed by the applicant in the course of the passport application.

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